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Alter Nativas.
Construyendo futuros posibles

Spain,  115 min. 2023
Director: Agustí Corominas & Juan del Río 

  “Alternativas”, of Latin Alter (other) and Nativus (born), refers to the search for new realities, new origins. That is the starting point of this documentary project: to show innovative initiatives of ecological transition. Diverse experiences that are proposing answers to the systemic crisis that we are suffering in the world: energetic, economic, ecological, social, cultural and epistemic.
“ALTER NATIVAS” is a collaborative feature film that aims to address, with a propositive and possibility-oriented approach, issues such as: How can we deal with this situation and adapt to a changing reality? What alternatives, individual and collective, are already being launched in different places to “transition” to resilient communities and more sustainable life models? What new stories and experiences can mark the future of our neighborhoods, towns and cities? How can we take the first steps to create an economy that promotes social justice and harmony with the planet and among ourselves?
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Agustí Corominas and Juan del Río

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A paso lento
Spain, 45 min. 2022
Director: Carlos Daniel Gomero 

A documentary about extensive livestock farming and short marketing channels as an alternative to the climate crisis and rural depopulation. Making visible stories such as those of Jose Miguel, Arsenio and Jose Manuel are necessary to show the important work carried out in our territory by extensive livestock farmers, as well as the testimonies of other people who have participated in the project such as Som Alimentació, Al-Paladar Taverna i Take Away and Escola Gavina and which contribute to promoting other production and consumption models that are sustainable and respectful of the environment

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Carlos Daniel Gomero

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Carricola. Pueblo en transición
Spain, 52 min. 2017
Director: José Albelda & Chiara  Sgaramella

Documentary that describes the recent history of Carrícola, a village in the Spanish Levante region which, since the early 1980s, has undergone a process of transformation towards sustainability. The adoption of ecological and collective strategies both in agricultural production and in the care of the landscape and natural resources, together with the integration of artistic and cultural practices in this transition, make this community an interesting case study.

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José Albelda y Chiara Sgaramella

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Spain, 14 min. 2022
Director: Pablo Lozano

Climate change is forcing the installation of new green energies. The massive and disorderly development of wind energy is causing the death of thousands of birds. María and José Antonio, two naturalists, have decided to find out the truth and visit eleven mills every week that they have installed next to their town. The results are alarming, in 20 months more than 600 dead animals have been found between birds and bats. It's just the tip of the icebert. They are two Quixotes against giant windmills

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Pablo Lozano