Shortfilm Animation
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Die Bestellung 
Germany,  10 min. 2023
Dir: Peter Böving

Among the different species that inhabit our planet, one stands out from the others by its power and its impact on ecosystems. It is the Autosaurus Rex!
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Peter Böving 

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Guerre Las
France, 18 min. 2023
Dir: Jean-Baptiste Bertholom

Gabriel, a Savoyard farmer, is living a daily life full of habits, until the routine starts falling apart giving us a glimpse of the coming downfall.

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Jean-Baptiste Bertholom

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Poland.,  8 min. 2022
Dir: Piotr Chmielewski

In this film we are taking a perspective of the crab and through his eyes and ears we are able to discover worlds that he lives in. Animals are our silent companions; they have witnessed the greatest achievements and most horrible failures of humankind. They live their lives parallel to ours – they are our food, our tools or, in the best case, we just don’t notice them. What will happen if we try to take their perspective? How events that we all know from history lessons may look like through the eyes of the animals who witnessed it?

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Piotr Chmielewski

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La Mecha
Chile, 14 min. 2022
Dir: Nicholas Hooper H.

In a fishing village contaminated by a thermoelectric plant, Mecha  is the wandering soul of an environmental activist who dies under suspicious circumstances. Her death generates commotion in the town and unleashes mixed feelings in her family. While her parents, Alicia and Nicanor, argue about seeking justice or not, Mecha's eldest son, Juan, struggles with himself because of the resentment he has towards his dead mother. This leads Mecha's ghost to seek reconciliation with Juan and have him take over her memory.

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Nicholas Hooper H.

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Què li passa al cel?
Spain, 10 min. 2023
Dir: Irene Iborra

The sun rises happily over the horizon and is welcomed by the most beautiful landscape. The humans also wake up and do what they always do: cut down trees, construct aimlessly and pollute without shame

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Irene Iborra

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France, 14 min. 2023
Dir: Sonia Gerbeaud

In the middle of sunken houses, wrecks and contaminated ruins, a man shares a shack perched high atop stilts with a cat and an old tape recorder.

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Sonia Gerbeaud

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The Waiting
Germany, 15,35 min. 2023
Dir: Voker Schlecht

Karen Lips is researcher and lives for several years in a tiny little shack in Costa Rica to observe frogs. When she leaves the cloud forest for a short time and returns, the frogs are gone. All of them. Karen sets out to find them – and encounters a horrible truth.

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Voker Schlecht

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To Bird Or Not To Bird
Spain, 9 min. 2023
Dir: Martin Romero

To bird or not to bird, that is the question. A critical and kaleidoscopic view of the current world told through the tragicomic and grotesque experiences of some birds.

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Martin Romero