Other Activites
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"Earth Day
10:00 Workshop of conscious movement and meditation, to connect with the nature that we are, expanding our ecological self and awakening our love for life
18:30 Presentation of projects and round table moderated by La Surera: Carrícola-pueblo en transición, Alter Nativas, Coop. Divergente, Coop. Transversal, L'Utopica and rural museum project "Museo Barda del Desierto".
Closing with a Greenwashing recital:
"IV Vulnerable Planet" by Teatro Medioambiental.
Ecopoetry by Alicia E. Martinez, Poet

Cartoixa de Valldecrist
Camino de la Cartuja, s/n, Altura (Castellón)
22/04/2023 from 10:00