Shortfilm Fiction
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El aljibe
Costa Rica/Spain,  10 min. 2022
Director: Alejandro Ferlini

Antonio and Alberto live in a world without water. Facing his brother's illness, Antonio climb to the top of the Volcano in search of the sacred water contained in El Aljibe.

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Alejandro Ferlini 

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Estrellas del desierto
Chile,  18,55 min. 2022
Director: Katherina Harder Sacre

In the middle of Atacama desert, Antay (12) sees his town disappearing due to the drought. Alongside his friends and their football team, they will try to hang on to the last sunrays, their childhood fragments and the ties with those who still resist.

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Katherina Harder Sacre

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Turkey,  10 min. 2022
Director: Ebubekir Sefa Akbulut

In a world where vitality is gradually decreasing due to environmental pollution, the fisherman who cannot find food establishes a bond with the fish he caught in the lake as a result of long efforts. He is torn between hunger and conscience.
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Ebubekir Sefa Akbulut

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Si je pouvais parler
France,  8,26 min. 2022
Director: Pawel Lisiak

ESOD 0150322, a fox, gives us his last tender and chilling thoughts during his trial.
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Pawel Lisiak

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So weit so gut
Switzerland, 13  min. 2021
Director: Leon Schwitter

The air-conditioning breaks down in the carriage, Bluetooth speakers compete by the river and a demonstration in the city centre paralyses the trams. As the ice melts and temperatures flare, no one sees that the water is already up to their necks.

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Leon Schwitter

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France,  23,44 min. 2022
Director: Emeric Leprince & Hugo Roblin

Ulyx, an energetic robotic pool vacuum, spends his days scrubbing the backyard swimming pool. Bored with this routine, he dreams of freedom as he gazes at the ocean at the day’s end from his garden. One day, a raging storm gives him a chance to escape.

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Emeric Leprince y Hugo Roblin