Feature Film
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Earthbound: Nzambi Matee
Japan/Kenya 47,52 min. 2022
Director: Farhoud Meybodi

Amidst a catastrophic plastic waste crisis in her hometown of Nairobi, Nzambi Matee risks everything to pioneer revolutionary technology that transforms plastic waste into sustainable paving bricks.

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Farhoud Meybodi

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Insostenible, Rere La Brossa
Spain, 51 min. 2023
Director: Christophe Sion

Thousands of lorries and ships loaded with waste circulate every day on European motorways and in European ports: millions of tonnes of waste of which only a fraction is inspected. The various regulations of EU states do not prevent waste traffic where it is cheapest to manage, a traffic which often incorporates illegal practices and can have, as Italy demonstrates, tragic
consequences for citizens' health.
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Christophe Sion

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Les courants parallèles
France, 68 min. 2024
Director: Pablo Chavanel

The proliferation of hydroelectric dams on the Mekong River, designed to supply energy to neighboring megalopolises, is forcing Samnang, the leader of an indigenous community, to fight
for his survival and that of nature. Meanwhile, in the Cambodian capital, Sothy, a painter and survivor of the Khmer Rouge genocide, applies himself to a duty of remembrance and, through
his art, reveals a violence that seems to be repeating itself. Through space and time, a dialogue is established.
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Pablo Chavanel

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Canada 90 min, 2023
Director: Andrew Nisker
The US detonated 67 nuclear weapons over the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands during the Cold War, the consequences of which still reverberate down four generations to today.
"NUKED" is a timely new feature documentary focussing on the human victims of the Cold War Era nuclear arms race, tracing the displaced Bikinian´s ongoing struggle for justice and survival even as climate change poses a new existential threat.
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Andrew Nisker

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The Green Big Week
Spain, 65 min. 2022
Dir: Manuel Cortés Navarro & Óscar Xavier Gómez

The ornithologist Ponç Feliu has accepted the challenge of touring Catalonia in a week without
using fossil fuel sources to observe and record resident and migratory birds.
How many species of birds will he be able to see? Will it establish a new unprecedented brand on the continent?
Which travel companions will join along a journey that will show us the natural wealth of our territory?. Catalonia is one of the most important ornithological destinations in southern Europe and we want to rediscover it through the expert and respectful gaze of Ponç.
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Manuel Cortés Navarro 

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Ultima transhumanță
Romania, 90 min. 2023
Dir: Dragos Lumpan

Transhumance is the movement of livestock by shepherds in autumn and spring, along hundreds of miles between mountain and lowland pastures in order to feed and protect their herds.
“The Last Transhumance” describes in photography and film the extinction of a millennial way of life. It is an artistic, ethnographic and sociological project totaling 15 years, 6 countries (Romania, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Albania, Wales), more than 50,000 km traveled, 100,000 photos, 100 hours of footage and 100 hours audio recordings.

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Dragos Lumpan

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Urak Lawoi, hermanos del mar
Spain, 70 min. 2023
Dir: Telmo Iragorri & Manuel Coronado

The Sea Brotherhood (Urak Lawoi in their native language) is a nomad tribe that for hundreds of years, has been looking for a place to settle. A 100 years ago, the Thai government conceded the island of Koh Lipe and the Adang archipelago, to its aboriginal inhabitants. Since then, the Sea Brotherhood has overcome natural and human disasters, thanks to their profound knowledge about fishing and the sea. They survived the 2004 tsunami, blocked by neighbouring Sumatra, the same as they did against piracy in the Pacific, colonialism and two World Wars. Their main threat, however, is the touristic invasion of the island.


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Telmo Iragorri & Manuel Coronado

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Water for life
U.S.A. 914 min. 2023
Dir: Will Parrinello

Water For Life explores the collision of water rights, Indigenous beliefs, and resource extraction through the lives of three community leaders in Central and South America. Our protagonists face harassment and death threats as they fight the powerful forces that threaten the environmental, cultural and economic survival of their communities.


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Will Parrinello

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Italy,  64 min. 2022
Dir: Raffaela Mariniello

ZioRiz takes its name from the Canadian canoe on wich, in the film, a single person slowly descends the waters of the Volturno river, from its natural source in Rocchetta al Volturno to its mouth in the Tyrrhenian Sea near the town of Castel Volturno.
The narrative punctuated by theriver’s meandering waters, unfolds in three chapters that portray the gradual transformation of the landscape and its environmental histories: Fertile Land, Working Land, Land of fires. Southern Italy’s longest river yhus becomes a medium for narrating a contradictory territory, where enchantement, industriousness and anthropogenic devastation alternate. The water flowing through the land is like a palimpsest that rewrites the shape of the soil, carrying within itself an archive of traces of experience


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Raffaela Marinnielo