About Ecozine

  • Ecozine was born in 2008 with the aim of giving visibility to audiovisual productions focused on socio-environmental issues. It was born from the collaboration of the Cultural Association Ecozine and the City Council of Zaragoza.
  • During this time, we have joined various initiatives and festival organisations, such as the Green Film Network, founded in 2013, the world's largest network of festivals focused on socio-environmental issues. In 2022, Arafilmfest was born, the Network of Film Festivals and Exhibitions of Aragon, of which Ecozine is a founding member.
  • We have also been broadening our horizons, reaching out to more territories, thanks to the push of local agents. Ecozine is already present in Pamplona, Aranda de Moncayo (Zaragoza), L'Eliana (Valencia), Alto Palancia (Castellón) and the Matarraña region (Teruel).
  • 15 editions also mean a continuous process of transformation in a world of constant change. The evolution of the festival in the sense of environmentally conscious action can be seen above all in the fundamental issue of mobility. At Ecozine we are committed to the use of more sustainable means of transportation. 
  • Education is one of the key factors towards an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable future and, therefore, it is one of the focuses of the festival. This is especially true for the Youth Section and Ecozine Young Film Festival which have been created as our two main educational pillars. 
  • Throughout the years, thousands of spectators have passed through our events, and the festival has served to address issues of vital importance, creating a space for reflection, critical thinking and education, with the audiovisual medium as a fundamental element.