Valderrobres. Inspira Food Street
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Cristal, papel, orgánico
Spain, 4 min. 2022
Dir: Almudena Vázquez

Juan throws some pizza boxes in the organic garbage can without realizing that the grease prevents them from being recycled. Patri begins to doubt his commitment to the environment. In which bin do they throw the oil? And the batteries? And the toner? A tour of the Vallecas garbage cans that will change their lives forever.

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Almudena Vázquez

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Choco Hoax
Italy, 5,35 min. 2023
Dir: Alice Fassi

Choco Hoax is the latest fashion film by Milan-based filmmaker Alice Fassi. The film offers a satirical critique of greenwashing and the consumerist tendencies of contemporary society. With a blend of irony and surrealism, the film exposes the deceptive nature of marketing campaigns that promote products by highlighting what they lack rather than their true essence.

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Alice Fassi

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El exhortista
Spain, 4,30 min. 2021
Author: Ciudad Huerto 

A young green activist, unstoppable in her convictions, begins to radically change her way of thinking and acting. The desperate family will have to seek the help of the clergy to recover their daughter, abducted by strange reactionary forces.

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Ciudad Huerto

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Huertalisis Nau
Spain, 3,56 min. 2018
Author: Esta es una plaza

The shortage of vegetables in the Madrid of 2047 makes it almost impossible to feed oneself with products that are the fruit of photosynthesis. The protagonist of this fantastic short film sets out into the city's underworld to get the last green shoots that will help to heal his delicate state of health.

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Esta es una plaza

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Pig Brother
Germany, 8,03 min. 2022
Dir: Harko Wubs y Stefan Demming

There are millions of pigs in Germany, but you never see them outside. Now, however, five pigs have been selected to live in the "Pig Brother" house, where they are watched live on TV around the clock. The audience gets to decide which pig stays alive. When the selected pigs discover that they are being used again for the pleasure of humans, they decide to act….
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Harko Wubs

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Què li passa al cel?
Spain, 10 min. 2023
Dir: Irene Iborra

The sun rises happily over the horizon and is welcomed by the most beautiful landscape. The humans also wake up and do what they always do: cut down trees, construct aimlessly and pollute without shame.

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Irene Iborra

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France, 14 min. 2023
Dir: Sonia Gerbeaud

In the middle of sunken houses, wrecks and contaminated ruins, a man shares a shack perched high atop stilts with a cat and an old tape recorder.

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Sonia Gerbeaud 

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Vegano de Minecraft
Spain, 3,29 2023
Dir: Daniel Cervantes

A Minecraft player, from his comfortable sofa, contributes his bit to the debate on food models that are more consistent with the current climate crisis.

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 Daniel Cervantes