Others Perspectives: Living nature
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Le petit peuple du potager
France, 52 min. 2022
Director:  Guilaine Bergeret & Rémi Rappe

The film delves deep into the world of bumblebees, lacewings, beetles, butterflies and earwigs. From the perspective of the garden inhabitants, viewers discover a world full of unique relationships, births and struggles. A wondrous, surprising and exemplary biotope that could be right outside our kitchen windows.

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Guilaine Bergeret

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Il seme del futuro
Italy, 62 min. 2022
Director: Francesca Frigo

The climate change is shaking the balance of the ecosystems. Whitin the Alpine forests its effects are two times greater than in the other environments. For this reason Giorgio Vacchiano, a scientist who studies trees, decides to return to his childhood woods, in the Aosta Valley.  Thus begins Giorgio's journey through the Alpine forest, looking for the keys to understanding the deep changes happening in that territory.
Giorgio's research has a fundamental goal: to develop strategies in order to help the forest to fight against the effects of the climate change. To save the trees, indeed, means saving humanity.
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Francesca Frigo

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Salvar al Quebrantahuesos
Spain, 60 min. 2022
Director: Pablo Lozano

The bearded vulture is the mythical bird of the Pyrenees. Half eagle, half vulture, it is known for its greatest hallmark, it feeds on bones. This bird was on the verge of extinction in the 1970s in Spain and only a few pairs remained in the Aragonese Pyrenees. Given the extreme situation, in 1994, the "Plan for the recovery of the Bearded Vulture" was launched, a project that has managed to bring these majestic birds back to the skies. 

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Pablo Lozano Chaverría