Others Perspectives: Humus Film Fest
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Albacete, 2137
Homelandless, 4,38 min. 2022
Author: Los Hermanos Kalabazov

Climate change has flooded the Iberian Peninsula. There is only water. The world as we know it has disappeared and a reality that is difficult to live with is imposed. A young man recalls how the events have occurred and his surprising way of adapting to the change.

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Às 20:30 hrs.
Spain, 3,12 min. 2015
Author: Carmen Granxeiro

Year IV of the New World Calendar. International Security Forces find a writing in one of the monoculture fields.

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Compost, una historia de amor
Spain, 4,38 min. 2017
Author: Raúl Urquiaga

A fast-paced montage on the processes of decomposition of organic matter with musical, social and cimematographic references that will create

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Das Grúnen nach oven
Germany, 2,47 min. 2021
Author: Martin Abelmann

A group of urban guerrillas, members of a Stuttgart community garden, set sail on a pirate ship with the mission to green their city.

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Spain, 2,29 min. 2021
Author: Malú Cayetano & Daniel Tornero

A group of executives discuss around an office table the design of the city of the future, in the pure Chimo Bayo style, this yes, this no.

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De Madrid al pueblo
Homelandless, 4,27 min. 2023
Author: Los Hermanos Kalabazov

Year 2073. Two old ladies live in a small town. In 2023, Madrid became an unlivable city that forced them to flee. Gentrification, massive tree felling, projects alien to the interests of the citizens, climate change... But not everything is calm in the rural world: Madrid is still a threat and they will do everything possible to protect their way of life.

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El Exhortista
Spain, 4,30 min. 2021
Author: Ciudad Huerto

A young green activist, unstoppable in her convictions, begins to radically change her way of thinking and acting. The desperate family will have to seek the help of the clergy to recover their daughter, abducted by strange reactionary forces.

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Help Yourself
Spain, 2,59 min. 2019
Author: Laura Palau

Help yourself, is an English expression that is commonly used to invite someone to help themselves to a portion. The artist Laura Palau puts it into practice through a series of actions in which she vindicates the fruit tree as a producer against the decorative treatment it receives in "the city".

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La mora violeta
Germany / Spain, 4,25 min. 2023
Author: Cornelia Zollner & Martín Carril

This audiovisual piece reflects the life and events of a neighborhood in Madrid called "Tetuán" from the point of view of a blackberry who has grown up in a community garden in a neighborhood, where old houses are demolished to build modern and expensive houses, in an environment with a shortage of green areas.

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Spain, 1,23 min. 2018.
Author: Diana Torres

Two friends, on the rooftop of a big city, experience the emotions aroused by their first contact with agriculture.

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Lo que dura
Spain, 4,48 min. 2021
Author: Natalia Quiroga

The experience of a consumer group in the neighborhood of Lavapiés through images recorded over 10 years of images recorded during 10 years

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Manzanas comunitarias
Spain, 1,18 min. 2017
Author: Diana Cuéllar

Raining apples? What's going on in the city? A group of little green heroines unite in a common cause...

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Mi planta de ají amarillo
Peru, 4,30 min. 2023
Author: Natalia Pino

My yellow chili bell pepper plant is a visual biography that takes the form of a diary where issues such as migration, territory and memory are addressed through the documentation of the coexistence with the native plant species of Latin America: Capsicum in Spanish territory.

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Os bicicomposteiros                       
Spain, 3,27 min. 2022
Author: Iago Souto

In a town in Galicia, strange pests have invaded the compost bins. Only a qualified team can stop this threat and restore balance to the community.

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Partager un jardín?
France, 3,25 min. 2019
Author: Sylvia Aubertin

A reporter asks neighbors in a Parisian neighborhood about a community garden they don't seem to know about. Do they like what they see on their terraces? Would they be willing to participate?

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Vegano de Minecraft
Spain, 3,29 2023
Author: Daniel Cervantes

A Minecraft player, from his comfortable sofa, contributes his bit to the debate on food models that are more consistent with the current climate crisis.