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Autosaurus rex
Switzerland, 5,45 min. 2022
Director: Marcel Barelli

Among the different species that inhabit our planet, one stands out from the others by its power and its impact on ecosystems. It is the Autosaurus Rex!
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Marcel Barelli

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Bicilogística en SCL, Poder Cargo Bike 
Chile, 15,15 min. 2021
Director: Jaime Salinas

"Bicilogística en SCL, Poder Cargo Bike", is the second audiovisual project of Pedalea Magazine, consisting of a series of interviews with users of cargo bikes. These testimonies show the versatility and growing popularity of this type of bicycles in the streets of Santiago de Chile.

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Revista Pedalea

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Coral en el valle
Argentina, 19 min. 2022
Director: Alejandro Gallo Bermúdez

Jimena is an activist of the City of Salta (Argentina) who wants to go to give birth to her second daughter... on a bicycle.

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Alejandro Gallo Bermúdez

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Transforming City Transport
Germany, 52 min. 2022
Director: Johan von Mirbach

Which mobility systems function in urban areas, and how can freed-up space be used sensibly? What would sustainable road traffic in less populated regions have to look like?
We’re going to search for clues in Europe and Asia. To Germany, France, Spain and Denmark. We talk with scientists and concerned citizens about the concepts, and with people who are directly affected. How have their lives changed through new mobility? And could the ideas presented be concepts for the future?

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Johan von Mirbach