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Cancer Alley
U.S.A. 8,58 min. 2023
Dir: Pamela Falkenberg & Jack Cochran

Images accompanied by a poem about what it´s like to live in the small towns near the Mississippi River between East Baton Rouge and New Orleans, now dominated by more than 200 chemical plants and oil refineries, sometimes located literally in residents´ backyards.
Cypress trees can live more than 1,000 years, if they are not cut down for mulch or their habitat destroyed. Human life spans are much shorter, but we may not survive as a species unless we stop living as if the only thing that matters is the present and learn to think on the time scale of trees.

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Pamela Falkenberg & Jack Cochran

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Just can´t stop
U.S.A., 3 min. 2023
Dir: Ben Hillman

A musical tribute to Exxon and climate change

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Ben Hillman

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U.S.A., 37,49 min. 2023
Dir: Anastasia Shubina & Timofey Glinin

On the Arctic Ocean coast of Chukotka live a people cut off from the world. Their life revolves around hunting walruses and whales and protecting villages from bears coming from the tundra.
This theme turns the film into a reflection on death. Marine animals become the primary source of food for the people, animal leftovers are used to feed arctic foxes on a fur farm, human cemeteries become targets for bears. It appears that all the inhabitants of this region are
involved in the cycle of food and death.
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Anastasia Shubina & Timofey Glinin