CooperART: Experiences at the margins
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United Kingdom, 7, 48 min. 2020
Director: Clare Unsworth

In this poetic film, 'a:dress' explores the environmental abuses of fast fashion through a powerful subversive catwalk of edgy, informative and vibrant garments. Join us in naming our sisters on the front line of climate violence and protest

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Clare Unsworth

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Black Summer
Germany, 11,40 min. 2022
Director: Felix Dierich

In the “Black Summer” of 2019/2020, Australia had some of the worst bushfires in its history. More than 20% of the forested area of the continent was destroyed, more than a billion animals were killed along with significant human casualties. The meteorological satellite Himawari-8 observed this catastrophe from the far distance.
For this experimental animated documentary, terabytes of satellite data were processed with specially developed algorithms, combining visible light and infrared measurements with heat detection. Animated, the rendered images form a hypnotic stream, documenting the catastrophe like never seen before. 

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Felix Dierich

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El viento
Netherlands, 13 min. 2022
Director: Bas Steens

In ‘El Viento’, we are hearing a family story about the relationship of humans with nature told by Carlos Vega. Carlos is the shaman / healer of an indigenous community named Coyo: A little village in Chile’s Atacama desert. In this village the rich Lickan Antai culture still flourishes. It is one of the oldest Andean cultures, full of rituals and ancient knowledge. In the Lickan Antai culture it is believed that everything in our universe has a soul or a spirit. That’s why they treat animals, mountains, rivers, stones and plants with as much respect as other human beings. The movie was recorded in April 2022 during a one month residency, while living and working in this community.
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Bas Steens

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Canada, 19,25 min. 2022
Director: Anna Sigrithur y Joel Penner

A stunning visual exploration of matter in various states of microbial transformation begs fundamental questions about human cultures’ complicated relationships with other species.

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Anna Sigrithur y Joel Penner