Youth Film Festival
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Adopt Me / Adóptame
Spain, 6,14 min. 2023.
Dir: Adriana Hernández & Noelia Esqués. IES Pedro de Luna

A mother decides to adopt a girl named Laia. At first they establish a good relationship, however, as time passes, this relationship begins to deteriorate until reaching the limit.

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Spain, 1 min. 2023
Dir: Jesús García IES Rodanas

It's a lunch time

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El banco
Spain, 1 min. 2023
Dir: Estefanía Gilaberte IES Rodanas

Dani and Estefania have plans for this afternoon

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Game Over, no dejes que suceda. Una vida sin agua
Spain, 5 min. 2023
Dir: Elena Blánquez, Malena Fernández, Ariana Martínez & Inés Rubio – IES Miguel Catalán

One day, a short time later, the water suddenly disappears. No rivers, no seas, no rain. This creates very serious problems that will change life as we know it. Everyone has to find ways to survive and morals do not always prevail.
Four friends meet again via video call to share their experiences of the last few weeks, but the real question is: what can they do about it? Can they find a solution? Will this be the end of human life?

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Il y avait une forêt de cèdre 
France, 2,46 min. 2023
Dir: Arthur Cech

This is the story about me and the cedar trees. It could have been just a personal experience, but it turned into a message that I would like the whole world to understand. I’m 14 years old and I will still be here to see our planet suffer when you will not, so please listen.

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t´s time to make a change 
Spain, 4,57 min. 2023
Dir: Sergio Hernando, Alcher Martínez, Jacob Rümke and Ismael Traoré - IES Miguel Catalán

Short documentary aimed at raising awareness about the main environmental problems nowadays. Excessive waste, air pollution or climate change to name just a few, put in danger not only plant and animal life, but the entire world's population future.

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France, 3,25 min. 2023
Dir: Erik Semashkin

A bird decides to hunt crickets, but his journey will be more complicated than expected.

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No hacemos nada
Spain, 1,35 min. 2022
Dir: Nerea Ezcay CEIP Leandro Alejano de Cilleros

Reflections on the environment and the attitude of people

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O Oceano é de Todos
Portugal, 3 min. 2023.
Dir: Mónica Velosa & Sónia Rodrigues EBS Santa Cruz

The normal day of a family turns out to show that many of the actions we take can have serious consequences for the environment.

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Spain, 6,55 min. 2023
Dir: Julia Rayado IES Pedro de Luna

In Spain we are constantly exposed to too much noise and we are not aware of it and the consequences that it entails. Noise in the streets, noise at work, noise at parties, noise in the family, a lot of noise, so much noise...

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Uma amizade inesperada
Portugal, 3 min.2023
Dir: 4ºB Class - EB1PE Cª Lobos

An unexpected friendship between two animals will create a great hustle in the forest. Who knows how this adventure will end!

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Un tetramundo traemos ya
Spain, 5,16 min. 2023
Dir: 4th, 5th and 6th grade students from Colegio La Salle Montemolín in Zaragoza with the collaboration of students from Kobisala school (Gambia) and the teacher Buba Bojang. Coordinated by M. Carmen Gascón Baquero    

Using the painting, by Henri Rousseau, entitled "Surprised!", the pupils consider the reasons for this title and embark on an imaginary journey into a jungle, creating this video that summarises in audiovisual form what they have researched, combining science and art.
Through a collective poem and a modular tetrahedron, a hidden treasure is shown that visually expresses The Resistance of our Planet.