Youth Section
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Broken Wings
Italia/Indonesia, 6 min. 2023
Dir: Jorik Dozy y Sil Van Der Woed

The untold story of bird poaching in Southeast Asia. Forests are emptied on a massive scale, threatening more than 1,500 bird species with extinction. Yet almost nobody knows about it. This documentary-music film captures the journey tropical birds make from forest to cage, revealing how caging wild birds has become a massive industry that silences forests worldwide.

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Jorik Dozy y Sil Van Der Woed

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Mi auto nuevo
México, 3 min. 2022
Dir: Ian B. Morales

A grandfather gives his grandson a new toy car for his collection, and another, and another, until he sees him submerged in a world of road chaos and environmental contingency.
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Ian B. Morales

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Francia, 4,23 min. 2022
Dir: Arthur Chomay y Simon Duong Van Huyen

Nummer 2 is a tribute to the resilience of the Earth. We visit it thousands of years after the extinction of man, meet the new species and vegetation that have developed. We witness the rebirth of nature, humanity is a distant memory.
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Arthur Chomay y Simon Duong Van Huyen

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Què li passa al cel?
España, 10 min. 2012
Dir: Irene Borra

The sun rises happily over the horizon and is welcomed by the most beautiful landscape. The humans also wake up and do what they always do: cut down trees, construct aimlessly and pollute without shame.
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Irene Borra

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Riscaldamento locale
Italia, 8,07 min. 2022
Dir: Manuel Vitali

Heat reaches unbearable levels in an unknown village, forcing its inhabitants
to seek extreme solutions in order to survive.
Everyday life is shaped by the whims of the sun, assuming a dreamlike... and baleful touch.
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Manuel Vitali

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To Bird or not to Bird
España, 9 min. 2023
Dir: Martin Romero

In 2031, due to global warming a young polar bear has to leave her home and moves to Zurich. Together with the other animals who have fled, she ekes out a living with odd jobs. But then she has a world-changing idea!
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Martin Romero