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Spain, 120 min. 2022
Dir: Carla Simón

The Solé family has been growing a large expanse of peach trees in Alcarràs, a small rural town in Catalonia, for several generations. But this summer may be their last harvest: the fruit no longer pays and solar panels are replacing the trees.
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Carla Simon

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Alma viva
Portugal, 88 min. 2022
Dir: Cristèle Alves Meira

Like every summer, Salomé returns on vacation to her family village nestled in the Portuguese Tras os Montes. There she enjoys a cheerful and festive atmosphere with her aunts and cousins until the unexpected death of her beloved grandmother, with whom she had a great connection, occurs.
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Cristèle Alves Meira

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Macedonia, 85 min. 2019
Dir: Tamara Kotevska y Ljubomir Stefanov

Hatidze is a woman who raises colonies of bees in the mountains of northern Macedonia. Without protection or help, she is able to tame them in order to extract honey. Everything is idyllic until new neighbors move in near the hives.
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Tamara Kotevska y Ljubomir Stefanov

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Spain, 76 min. 2023
Dir: Marta Lallana

A man abandons everything and goes to the mountains to preserve the culture and music of the old women who live there.
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Marta Lallana

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O Corno                                               

Spain / Belgium, 103 min. 2022            Dir: Jaione Camborda

Arousa Island, 1971. María is a woman who earns her living from shellfish.      She is also known on the island for helping other women in childbirth with special dedication and care.                    After an unexpected event, she is forced to flee and begins a dangerous journey that will make her fight for her survival. In search of her freedom, Maria decides to cross the border by one of the smuggling routes between Galicia and Portugal.

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Jaione Camborda

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Spain, 98 min. 2022                      Dir: Rocio Mesa

A small rural village is the paradise of a city girl and the cage of a local teenager. Two parallel stories that take place between tobacco dryers during a summer tinged with magical realism.

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Rocio Mesa